First and foremost, I am an artist, though the stereotypical struggling one applies. My artworks in school are often selected for display. A promising career in Architectural Drafting designing elevators, escalators and interiors for glass lifts was cut short. The challenges of getting back on my feet again, figuratively speaking, is a life-long lesson I am still grappling with.

Music is a passion that is ever-present. Losing finger movement means the inability to play various music instruments I used to love. Now I practice on the harmonica, panpipes, kazoo, vuvuzela and didgeridoo. I have a lot of wind… instruments!

When inspiration comes, the odd song or two might materialise. These collections became several music albums. Writing lyrics and short articles finally  led to the birth of a manuscript for publishing.

Investing is another area where I am a slow learning student. Passive income is crucial for a disabled with diminishing attributes. Public speaking to invited engagements provides part of the Multiple Sources of Income strategy.

I am nearing senior citizen status. After a quarter century of painting, singing, volunteering and caring for loved ones, easing off is not by choice. Painful teeth and gums from painting with the brush in the mouth make its presence felt, literally. Failing eyesight, stamina, memory along with stiff joints and body aches takes its toll. Age is imposing semi-retirement on me.

So I hunt for good eats local and abroad. Travel is an experience to enjoy when one still can. Cruises settle the issues of food and accommodation. I have worked hard and have scrimped and saved at times. Spending sparingly on life moments is a present focus. My axiom is ‘What’s worse than dying poor is dying rich…’.

Life is short, eat desserts first!