WATABOSHI is a wonderful platform to share an IDEA through music, an IDEAL if you prefer, to sing about what one believes in.

‘LIVE LIFE’ was written before SEPT 11, yet the relevance of the lyrics became imbued with a poignant significance on the aftermath of that horrendous happening. Living life to the fullest is even more my daily prayer as I am made aware of how fleeting life is.

When this song was selected to represent Singapore at the 6th ASIA-PACIFIC WATABOSHI MUSIC FESTIVAL in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, I felt very honored. It is national pride to sing for your country. The boundaries or even divides of nationality, cultures, language and disability were crossed through the common bridges of FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & HARMONY. The fellowship of man built on the foundations of UNDERSTANDING with music threading the tapestry of life together.

Hosts Taiwan offered every hospitality and was generous to a fault. Two tertiary students, Julie and Chloe, took care of us with much pampering. Their local knowledge helped us to enjoy the sights, sounds, flavours and uniqueness of native life with its night bazaars, bubble teas and ‘stinky’ tofu.

President Chen Shui-Bian elevated the grandeur of the concert night with his distinguished presence at the Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center. The spectacular concert was beamed ‘live’ to the nation and emceed by two of their well-known celebrities. The hosts – KaoHsiung, did their song in their native dialect of Hokkien, whereas the cities of Bangkok, HangZhou, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johor Bahru, Manila, Nara and Seoul sang with their mother tongues. Brisbane with Singapore did English. It was truly amazing!

Wataboshi is an experience brimming with memories I will deeply cherish. It is a doorway to life’s journeys. Its lessons of ups and downs breaks free the shackles of disability and set at full flight man’s artistic creativity and pursuits. It holds a classroom where studied efforts reveal the beauty beyond the deformity, the character beneath the crippled body, of the strength and courage behind the physical limitations.





Learnt to laugh at the storm,
sing in the rain
Smile in any kind of weather
Misery is a choice,
I choose to rejoice
No ifs, no buts, no whether

Though out on my own, I'm never alone,
I know, I know...

You've got to live... life,
not just survive
Live life, the way it was meant
(right there and then)
You've got to live... life,
don't just survive
Live life the best,
the best... You can!

Won't resign to my fate,
or destiny's game
Each step leads me till tomorrow
To a promise I hold,
of a prophecy told
There's no bowing down to sorrow

I look to the heavens, with a prayer in my heart
I'll grow, I'll grow...

Repeat chorus
sub verse:
For when the journey is done, there's another begun
I'll go, I'll go...