Sydney/NZ Cruise 2014


It was a trip years in the dreaming. Having been to Melbourne but not Sydney made it a vacation target. It was deferred further because of concerns over my mother’s health. My better half was suitably miffed when the reservations and bookings three years ago were cancelled. So almost two years after my mum passed on, it was time to cater to the other woman in my life.

One consideration was to enjoy the sight of snow-capped mountain peaks. This was on my bucket list. But as Alaska is too far away (long-haul flight is torture on a tetra) the Sounds of Dusty, Doubtful and Milford beckons. Maybe a few nice photos there can be my painting motifs. The plan was to fly to Sydney, go to Circular Quay and board the Voyager of the Seas and cruise to Napier, Picton, Wellingtonand Dunedin and back to Sydney Harbour.

After that a six nights stay in Hotel Ibis near Darling Harbour will round up this eighteen-day experience.



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