Painted without hands

This is my version with inspiration from that beautiful classic ‘Vincent’ by Don Mclean. I decided to convey my painting method into song and verse and came up with this. It was sung in a memorable performance on stage at the Esplanade Theatre on 27th June 2003 with live accompaniment. Iwas invited as a guest artiste having won the previous Wataboshi Music Festival. The words sound out my reflection on the current circumstances I am in. Unable to stretch my neck out to reach the edges and corners of the canvas (I’m not a giraffe!), I had resorted to turning the painting upside down to paint the top portion. That’s why the lyric says ‘On your canvas, touch the sky’.




Painted without hands, drawn from hearts

Lined with tears and joy, there the beauty starts

Painted without hands and every stroke reveals,

The story’s in His plan

When you learn you’ll understand,

Painted without hands


Draw the flowers, on the ground

Broken spilled out, all around

Yet life didn’t end, from the fall

Its loveliness still shines to all


Dot the landscape, green on blue

Waves come crashing, right on cue

From the water’s constant rhyme

Rocks become the sands of time


Repeat chorus:

Light the shadows, colors change

Doors and windows rearrange

Left to right and right or wrong

A road less traveled, the sketch goes on


Brush the seasons, frame the dawn

Eagles soar to a new day born

Catch the winds let spirits fly

On your canvas touch the sky

Repeat chorus & ebd