Candid Creation Publishing ‘Author Exchange’


It was more an exchange of minds. Established and would be authors gathered to share tips and titbits and even lessons on Life. The identities were varied ranging from yoga instructors, finance consultants, mountain climbers, engineering experts, poets and even fellow artists. Among the books on display were actress Jeanette Aw’s cartoon illustrations. Sadly though the book was there but she was not.

This is an opportunity to widen mental horizons and be aware of the wide spectrum of lives going about. Each has a story to tell and wishes to put it in print. Hearing technical aspects to shaping of a book and the reverse of a book of technical specification of a subject to hopes and dreams of a human being transformed by a life-altering event tragic or otherwise form the mainstays of a possible manuscript outline.

So many possibilities! Somewhere there might be the seed of a bestseller. One can only choose to be optimistic which I am. Let’s see whether ‘Hospitales’ recovers its cost first. Lol.


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