Excerpt from ‘The Challenges of Mouth Painting’

So there I was, facing a whole sheet of white trying to fill it up with something recognisable. Various problems started cropping up. It began with the seemingly simple task of having a firm and proper grip on the brush by mouth. At first, I was thinking rather naively that placing it between lips would be enough leverage to paint. But it proved otherwise. The rubbery lips were too weak to control the brushstrokes. Subsequently, the results had an unintended abstract quality, something like the wild floggings of a mad man. The solution in the end was to actually bite the brush with the back molars. Therefore it can be truly said that with true grit, my jaws chomped on timber and I started to draw.


Perspiration mixed with tears mingled with some blood. It’s a very stark description, but that’s the way I can best define creative output. A painter’s life is framed and hung for all to see. An artiste bares his heart and soul and becomes vulnerable for display and critique. It is an experience I will take in my stride, though I pray that most will be forgivingly gentle.